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Poppy Carver Consulting is a full service Qualitative market research agency that promises to 'leave no stone unturned'


Poppy Carver Consulting believes that it is only through a combination of perspiration and inspiration that we can steer marketing in the right direction;

  • the perspiration comes from our promise never to delegate the job to others - including note-takers - we personally turn every stone
  • the inspiration comes from our expertise - both in a business and research environment - agency and client side

Poppy Carver Consulting has been working within Qualitative research for 14 years and within the wider research market for over 20 years


Poppy Carver Consulting offers experience in a wide range of markets


Poppy Carver Consulting works with all types of people from chief executives to busy housewives and across all age groups


Don't leave that stone unturned - contact Poppy on +44 (0) 1306-882768 or e-mail poppy@poppycarver.com


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